Cooking Accessories

3 Kitchen cooking accessories you won’t be able to live without

There are so many things out there that every home cook would love to have, but not all of them are worth taking up space in your pantry. These three, however, are absolutely worth every inch:

slow cooker1. Slow Cooker

You might better recognize a slow cooker as a Crockpot, which has become the namesake for just about all slow cookers of any brand. Why can’t you live without a slow cooker? Without one, you won’t be able to cook the most delicious pork tenderloin, the most delectable pot roast or the most sensational split pea soup.

Slow cookers are well known for the great deal of preparation that goes into using them, but it’s well worth learning some new organizational skills when the slow cooker adds to your time management abilities. With a bit of prep and the right selection of ingredients, your slow cooker can provide you with super savory suppers that are ready when you get home from work.

2. Pasta Maker

90% of American families share one thing in common; they eat pasta. And why not? Pasta is delicious, filling and easy to cook up quickly. The down side; buying pasta can become a serious waste of money, especially if your family eats a lot of pasta. With a pasta maker, not only can you save on the cost of fancy bags and brands, you can also enjoy finer cuts of pasta. Love ravioli, lasagna and tortellini? Then you can’t live without a pasta maker. With one of these specialty appliances, you’ll be able to make everything from comforting macaroni to romantic rigatoni.

3. Blender

blenderKitchen connoisseurs of all levels will want a blender ready and waiting. With a blender you can cook up rich sauces, exquisite vinaigrettes, primo pestos and scrumptious soups. Bonus; you can also make your favorite milkshake, smoothie or margarita.

With so many accessories out there to choose from and only so much space in your kitchen, it’s important to stretch every inch of space you have. With that in mind, you might want to do your research before filling up that precious space and think about also investing in a bread maker, an ice cream maker, a juicer, a convection oven or a deep fryer. Choose accessories that fit in with your regular dietary needs and you won’t go wrong.