5 Knives Every Kitchen Must Have

knives setWhen it comes to the restaurant kitchen, no cook should ever be without good kitchen equipment like, ovens, commercial toasters, commercial freezers and, of course, a proper set of knives. Even if it’s just a small set to start, it’s ultra important to make sure that they are the right knives for the jobs you do most often. It’s important because proper knives save time, stress and most importantly, they save your fingers. Countless kitchen accidents that result in ER trips are caused by dull or improperly used knives.

Time, stress and safety aren’t the only reason to make sure you have a proper set of knives. Having the right set of utensils for the job, increases the fun you have in the kitchen. That means more of that ultra special ingredient (Love!) will go into your recipes and mean that much more to those who get to eat it.

1. The Chefs Knife

The chefs knife is the backbone of any kitchen. Whether your a professional chef, a die-hard home cook or just cooking at home for the health and savings benefits, you definitely need a chefs knife. This is the go to knife for any slicing, dicing, cubing, mincing, smashing or chopping. It’s specifically designed to have a wide blade with a slight curve to it, so that you have the most control whenever you’re slicing up onions, potatoes, celery, apples or any other fruits and vegetables.

When you pick out your chefs knife, the best rule of thumb is to pick one that fits your hand best. If you’ve got big strong hands, you don’t want a tiny little 6 inch chefs knife. Likewise, if you’ve have petite hands, you certainly don’t want a giant 12 inch chefs knife. If you find you don’t have the time to travel to your local kitchen store, but you do have time to shop online, start out with a 10 inch chefs knife and go from there. If you find it’s too big or small, you can order one with a better feel. Pick one that fits your hand and you’ll have a knife you’ll never find a better friend in the kitchen.

2. The Birds Beak Paring Knife

This handy little bird beak shaped paring knife is the perfect way to peel fruits and vegetables. It’s also going to be your favorite knife for carving, fluting and working with smaller more delicate foods. Having one in your kitchen means you’ll get more of the meat from your fruits and veggies, that would otherwise be wasted by using a different knife. Now, you could go with an everyday average paring knife, but if you’re going to have one in the kitchen, why not have the best one? Your average paring knife is a straight edged, thin knife. It’s not a bad tool, but it’s certainly not the most efficient design. A bird’s beak paring knife on the other hand, is curved at just the right angle and thin enough to completely peel away the thick skin of any apple, orange or even grape, without wasting the delicious fruit inside.

tomato knife3. The Tomato Knife

If you’ve ever smashed into a tomato, trying to cut just the right slices for your sandwich, then you’ll immediately fall in love with a tomato knife. It’s specifically designed with a blade that is slightly serrated edge that allows you to easily slice into that smooth skin and carve right through the soft juicy fruit inside. With the tomato knife, you’ll get the perfect slice, chop or cube every time.

4. The Butcher Knife (Cleaver)

No meat eater should be without a butchers best friend. This knife is often the biggest in the kitchen, and due to it’s supreme talent for slicing through meat and bones, it’s often featured in many horror movies. Now, that doesn’t mean this knife is scary, in fact, it’s actually one of the safest knifes in the kitchen; when used properly. With the super wide and heavy blade attached, you can easily section a whole chicken or turkey and cut through any tough but delicious cuts of beef, pork or buffalo. When it comes to meat, the heavyweight butchers knife is the right knife for the job.

5. The Cheese Knife

Cheese_knifeThis knife may be listed last, but that doesn’t make it any less important in your kitchen. In fact, out of all of these knifes, a good cheese knife can compensate for just about any other knife in your kitchen; at least until you’re able to add to your tool set. The key, is to choose the right kind of cheese knife. Yes, there are many and they are all well designed for each job that they do. The trick to saving yourself money and months trying to collect them all, is to find a cheese knife that has holes in the blade. The best out there is this 5 inch comfort grip cheese knife. This blade is designed to keep the cheese from sticking to the knife, allowing you to slice as thin or as thick as your heart desires.

This particular cheese knife is so versatile, you can also use it to slice through fruits (including tomatoes), vegetables, meats and even bread.

While these 5 knives are a must for every kitchen, there are plenty of other knives you can add to your kitchen tool set, that will make your life easier that much easier. Some of those knives are: the spatula spreader, carving knives, high end steak knives, kitchen shears, the filet knife and the bread slicer.